Support the 1 for 7 Billion campaign

The world deserves a fair, open and inclusive process to select the UN Secretary-General.  If you support these principles, we urge you to join our movement. Change will only come if a critical mass of people and organisations call for it - sign up below to join the movement.

Why does it matter?

The UN Secretary-General plays a crucial role in tackling global challenges and improving the lives of seven billion people. It is vital that the best person is chosen for the job. But the selection process is secretive and outdated. Just five countries hold sway over a decision that affects us all.

The next Secretary-General will be appointed in 2016 - but we need action now if we are to make a difference in time.  

Who are we?

1 for 7 Billion is a global campaign supported by organisations and individuals from all corners of the globe committed to getting the best UN Secretary-General.