Outcome of UN Security Council straw polls

This page tracks the positions of UN Secretary-General candidates following each set of 'straw polls' carried out by the UN Security Council.  Click here to find out how the Security Council straw polls work.

Straw poll six - 5 October 2016

All 15 members of the UN Security Council attended a press conference at the UN on 5 October to announce that António Guterres will be the Council's recommendation to the General Assembly for appointment as Secretary-General.  Mr Guterres, who has been in pole position throughout the race, received 13 'encourages', no 'discourages' and 2 'no opinion' ballots in the sixth straw poll.

The Security Council President, Russian ambassador Churkin, stated he hoped the Council would agree formally tomorrow by acclamation at 10 am (New York time).

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Straw poll five - 26 September 2016

The results of straw poll 5 are in the chart below - click here for our analysis.  For the results of all straw polls to date, please see the second chart.   

Results of Security Council straw polls 1 - 5