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Member States Call for UNSG Selection Reform at 70th UN General Assembly

From 28 September to 3 October, the 70th session of the UN General Assembly held its general debate at UN headquarters in New York.  In line with the theme of the debate—“The United Nations at 70: a New Commitment to Action”—states from all regions took the opportunity to express their support for critical and timely changes to the appointment process for the Secretary-General. 

High-level UN meeting pushes UNSG selection process forward

On Saturday 26 September, a host of countries, prominent individuals and civil society spoke up in favour not only of urgent action to implement landmark General Assembly Resolution 69/321, but also of striving for further improvements to the process to select the next UN Secretary-General.

UK Government endorses 1 for 7 Billion proposals at House of Lords debate

The British Government has backed 1 for 7 Billion’s calls for a fairer, more inclusive process to select the next UN Secretary-General at a rare House of Lords debate on UN effectiveness. 

1 for 7 Billion welcomes Security Council discussion on Secretary-General selection and calls for further action

Participants in the debate recognised the need for transparency in the selection process, that the General Assembly had an interest and role to play in meeting candidates, and that this was the opening of further discussions.