Majority of states support discussion of single term, multiple candidates proposals


A vast majority—more than 145 out of 193—of UN member states support a serious discussion of the Secretary-General’s term, including the possibility of a single, non-renewable, longer term.  A growing number of states support appointment for a single term.

More than two-thirds of the UN’s membership has called on the Security Council to recommend more than one candidate for the General Assembly to choose from.  By recommending multiple candidates for the Assembly to consider, the Security Council could ensure that all member states are able to play a meaningful role in the appointment process. 

1 for 7 Billion has prepared a paper explaining how a single, longer term would  strengthen the Secretary-General’s ability to perform highly complex global leadership responsibilities in a rapidly changing world.

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The campaign also  launched two new documents showing where every UN member state stands on the appointment of the Secretary-General for a single, non-renewable term of between five and ten years; and the recommendation of multiple candidates by the Security Council to the General Assembly.  

The documents include the position of each member state on the proposal, as well as information about which countries have made statements about the issue.  

Click here for the 'single term' chart

Click here for the 'multiple candidates' chart

Critically, neither of these proposals requires an amendment to the UN Charter, and both could be addressed before the next Secretary-General is appointed this year. Yet while member states have raised these proposals for decades, they have yet to be given the consideration they deserve in the General Assembly.

 1 for 7 Billion encourages all member states to carefully review these important proposals, and to express their support in the General Assembly.  

Photo: General Assembly Reviews Various Issues. Copyright UN Photo/JC McIlwaine