Security Council holds second round of straw polls

On Friday 5 August, the Security Council held its second round of “straw polls”– an informal process used to reveal the leading contenders in the race for Secretary-General. 

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Despite calls from the press and the President of the General Assembly, the Council chose not to make the results of the straw poll public. Nonetheless, the results were quickly leaked to the press.  1 for 7 Billion continues to press the Council to commit to a transparent process

According to several media and government sources, here’s how the candidates fared: 

António Guterres (Portugal): 11 “encourage,” 2 “discourage,” 2 “no opinion”
Vuk Jeremić (Serbia): 8 “encourage,” 4 “discourage,” 3 “no opinion”
Susana Malcorra (Argentina): 8 “encourage,” 6 “discourage,” 1 “no opinion”
Danilo Türk (Slovenia): 7 “encourage,” 5 “discourage,” 3 “no opinion”
Irina Bokova (Bulgaria): 7 “encourage,” 7 “discourage,” 1 “no opinion”
Srgjan Kerim (Macedonia): 6 “encourage,” 7 “discourage,” 2 “no opinion”
Helen Clark (New Zealand): 6 “encourage,” 8 “discourage,” 1 “no opinion”
Christiana Figueres (Costa Rica): 5 “encourage,” 8 “discourage,” 2 “no opinion”
Natalia Gherman (Moldova):  3 “encourage,” 10 “discourage,” 2 “no opinion”
Miroslav Lajčák (Slovak Republic):  2 "encourage," 6 "discourage," 7 "no opinion"
Igor Lukšić (Montenegro): 2 “encourage,” 9 “discourage,” 4 “no opinion”

As in the first round, António Guterres came out in the lead, with only two “discourage” votes. Danilo Türk, the runner-up in July, was slightly behind Vuk Jeremić and Susana Malcorra in support. In fact, Malcorra was the candidate to rise furthest in the rankings, moving from the bottom half to ‘third place’ after Friday’s poll.

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Still, much depends on whether the “discourage” vote comes from a permanent or elected member of the Security Council, as permanent members can veto the recommendation of any candidate. Interestingly, all of the candidates received more “discourage” votes in the second round than in the first, making it more likely that they would be vetoed in an official vote.

Ahead of the second straw poll, Vesna Pusić (Croatia) chose to withdraw from the race, citing a lack of support in the Council.  It remains to be seen whether other candidates will also withdraw in light of Friday’s results.