Open letter: UN staffers call for "the very best of candidates" to take UN top spot

Staff members of UN Departments, Funds, Programmes and Agencies have expressed their views on the type of Secretary-General that will help them continue to deliver the best possible implementation of the UN Charter and the mandates set by UN member states. The open letter below is available for signature by all UN staff members.

The letter has been prepared by UN staff in their individual capacity, without consultation with any external actors. It has been crafted with the hope of articulating views shared by a good number of UN staff members, but it does not claim to represent the views of any staff other than those who sign on.

All the names and email addresses of signatories will be kept confidential. The counter below will update the number of anonymous signatories on a daily basis. 

Neither 1 for 7 Billion nor the letter express support for any particular candidate for Secretary-General. The selection of a Secretary-General is a prerogative and responsibility reserved for member states; our hope is that the recording of the views of some staff in this letter may be a support to states in their crucial reflection and decision-making.


 Selection of the next UN Secretary-General                      Open letter from UN staff members

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"Over the coming months, member states of the United Nations (UN) will select a new UN Secretary-General, to take office in January 2017...    

In a world that has changed profoundly since the UN was founded over 70 years ago, the decisions of the next Secretary-General will be fundamental in the life or death of millions of people, and in global peace and security, development and human rights...

Signatures: 132

We need the very best of candidates: a Secretary-General who shows leadership in intellect, empathy, and courage; who respects, and is respected by all states, from all regions, including the least powerful...

As staff of the UN, we are ourselves committed to serving the UN, member states, and peoples to the best of our abilities. With so many lives and livelihoods in the balance, we will be inspired and enabled to reach higher by a leader who personifies the best of the UN."

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