1 for 7 Billion asks all candidates to commit publicly to serving a single term of office

1 for 7 Billion has written to all official candidates for the position of UN Secretary-General, asking for their public commitment to serving a single, non-renewable term of office. 

Click here to read 1 for 7 Billion's paper on the merits of a single term

The letter makes it clear that 1 for 7 Billion will not be endorsing any candidate(s) and further asks those standing to be the UN's next leader to help make the selection process as open and transparent as possible by:

  • Presenting publicly their vision and objectives for the post
  • Participating in hearings with states and with civil society, and engaging with civil society, the media and the wider public throughout the selection process
  • Emphasising their commitment to Article 100 of the UN Charter during the selection process and publicly committing to refraining from making promises to states, including on other senior UN appointments, in exchange for support

Prominent individuals, including Javier Pérez de Cuéllarformer UN Secretary-General (pictured), and Mary Robinson, member of The Elders and former President of Ireland, have spoken out in support of a single term. 

Click here to read the full text of the letter to candidates

1 for 7 Billion will be writing to all candidates as they are nominated and will be publishing replies on this website.

Photo: Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, fifth Secretary-General of the United Nations. Copyright UN Photo/Evan Schneider