World Federation of UN Associations backs calls for fairer Sec-Gen selection process

United Nations Associations (UNAs) worldwide have pledged their support for a fairer, more inclusive process to select the next UN Secretary-General. The resolution, passed by consensus at a recent conference, followed intensive campaigning by 1 for 7 Billion representatives. 

UNA-UK, a member of the 1 for 7 Billion Steering Committee, was one of 37 delegations to attend the 41st Plenary Assembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), which took place in Vancouver, Canada, from 18 - 22 November. WFUNA is the umbrella organisation for over 100 national UNAs and their thousands of constituents. 

1 for 7 Billion took this opportunity to rally support among UN Associations for the campaign. UNA-UK's Isabelle Younane (left) - who was representing the 1 for 7 Billion campaign alongside Richard Nelmes - presented a resolution to the Plenary, urging UNAs to lobby their national governments to stand up for a fairer process at the United Nations. The resolution was passed by consensus. 

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Alongside the conference, 1 for 7 Billion representatives encouraged UNAs to 'vote' for who they think should succeed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2016. Photos were posted on social media throughout the Plenary Assembly and streamed in the background during the presentation of the resolution. 

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During the conference, 1 for 7 Billion gave workshops and presentations on the Campaigner's toolkit to both the WFUNA Plenary Assembly and the Global Youth Forum, which ran in parallel to the main event.

Our new supporters

1 for 7 Billion welcomes the support of the following UNAs, who have expressed support for the campaign:

Australia*, Austria, Benin*, Canada*, Denmark*, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Finland*, Iceland*, Mexico, Philippines*, South Africa, Sweden*, Switzerland*

*Co-sponsored the resolution